Samsung UHDTV at CES 2013

Samsung has unveiled its new 85-inch “Ultra” HDTV. The Samsung UHDTV is not the only one at CES 2013, of course, but it is the focus of this Engadget article.

CES is a major technology trade show held each January in Las Vegas, where major electronics manufacturers commonly debut their latest products. Consequently, the technology press has been overrun by posts covering just about each and every thing on display (seeĀ Engadget, CNET, Ars Technica, and just about every other technology-related news site).

Other UHDTVs demonstrated at CES 2013 or announced in the latter part of 2012 include models from Sony (which has just announced two UHDTV models that will “cost less than a car,” reportedly under $12 000), Sharp, LG, Westinghouse, JVC, and Viewsonic.